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Engaged: Suzy + Tim – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Suzy + Tim wanted to try a little something different for their January engagement session.  Since both of them are pretty big movie buffs AND their first date was a movie, it would only be appropriate to spend some time in a local theatre.


Fun: 2011 Mini-Monsters Marathon- Northeast Ohio Child Photographer

For the second year in a row, I had the opportunity to host a Mini-Monsters Marathon session at my home before Halloween.  Fall is my favorite time of year and add cuties in costumes and Fall outfits and I am in heaven.  However, this time, it decided to rain- but thankfully (and if you know me, this is hard to say) we have a covered gazebo and we were able to still enjoy the day with warm cider, cupcakes and goodies!  It was so great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones too!

First up was Miss Sophia, who was 2010’s smallest mini because she was still an inside baby!

Luca even came for a visit!

Three Little Ladies



 This year’s minniest monster, Oliver.

My very first child models


Super Grady!


New Brothers!

Super cute family!

And finally, my own Mini-Monsters


Happy 2012- Northeast Ohio Photographer

Well. Heyyyy there. Happy New Year!  And Merry Christmas!  Oh and Happy Thanksgiving.  Did you have a Spooktacular Halloween?  Figured that should cover the main holidays since I last blogged.  Without going into much detail, sometime around September, life got pretty messy. While I was still trying to cover sessions and weddings on top of the messiness and the rest of my personal/day job life, blogging was just put on the backburner.  I unfortunately, hit a wall in October and opted to take a self-inflicted hiatus for the rest of 2011( excluding the last two weddings I had already scheduled) .  Although it was an extremely difficult decision for me; I truly believe it was the right decision for me and my family.

I would like to thank my clients for being completely understanding and so thoughtful during my hiatus and I am excited to see what is in store for me this year.   You are all awesome.

So, that’s where I was and here is where I am today.  Any photographer will tell you that January is a time to watch other photographers’ blogs listing off goals for the upcoming year.   Well, here is another one.  Lucky you!

I am not a resolutions type of gal, but I am a mom now and I find that writing things down is now a necessity in life.

1.        Develop a better workflow.  I know some photographers may gasp at this, but I just installed LightRoom last week and I have no idea how it works. Oh and?  The last version of Photoshop I used was CS2 and CS5 scares the crap out of me.  This is what I do know, it is 9:00 pm before I can sit down at the computer to start editing sessions or weddings and I need to stick with a 11:00 pm bedtime (as long as my children stick with a 5:30 am wake up time).  My hope for 2012 is to learn (and apparently) love LightRoom and cut my post session editing time in half.   Granted, there have been many times where I am so excited with what I am working on, I don’t get to bed to 1:00 am and this is when I need a kick in the pants.  So yeah, I need to get that under control.

2.       Network with other photographers.   Dear Colleen, Stop being overly shy and get your tushy (mom alert) out there.   I am lucky enough to have access to such a wonderful network of professionals in our area and I just need to go to the monthly gatherings. Granted yes, that whole “messiness” can come into play.  But in 2012, I really want to get over my fears (whatever they may be) and get there.

3.       Blog Faster.  Pretty self-explainable given my last blog post was September 25, 2011.  Are my avid blog readers sick of seeing Sara + Craig’s wedding at the top?  More on the way, I swear!

4.       Develop a brand.  I have spent the better part of the last four years figuring out what I want to do in the photography world.  Although I have weaned it down quite a bit, I still don’t have much of an online presence nor a brand to associate with that.  I am a big fan of spirit fingers, so I am going to work on that.

5.       Sleep more.  See # 1.

6.       Better photos of O + E.  Yeah, those are my kids. Twins in fact.  Staring 2.5 in the face and I often get texts from my husband saying, “I need new pics of the kids.”  My last reply was, “Me too.”  This is a large conflict for me.  I try not to shove my photography job in my family’s face.  I was told not to bring my “big” camera to the zoo this summer because I start to worry more about settings and getting a shot than enjoying the time with my family.  Noted.  So I leave it at home and shoot quick shots on my point and shoot and then complain the quality at home.   I have actually done really well at this…Maybe too well.  When it comes to their milestone birthdays or events or even the dreaded Christmas card, I often find myself rushing to get their photos done.  Then the reshoot.  Then the proclamation that I will just take them to the Big Box Studio to have their picture taken to relieve the stress. Then I don’t. Then I settle. Then I am sad because I settled.  Just get over it!   Right?

7.       Balance work, family + work.  Yes, I still have a day job.  For just a shade under a decade now, which is not too shabby given I am nearing 33 years old.   As I mentioned before, I have a husband and two kids, a cat who thinks she is a dog, a house.   Then I have this other job where I go and capture people’s memories while sometimes I feel as though as I am missing my own.  This is where it gets hard because I enjoy summer cookouts or hitting up the local Fair.  One of the great parts of doing photography in addition to another forty-hour a week day is that I don’t feel the need to say yes to everything.  ::waits for my husband’s eye roll::  Ok, so yes, I have had years where I HAVE said yes to everything, which has lead to a super fun anxiety attack and a lot of sacrifices from my husband, our families  and especially E + O.  In 2012, I have to toughen up and not book every, single opening I have.  Whereas I do appreciate the business, I should hope that client could appreciate the importance of time off as well.

8.       More sample albums.  I just need them.

9.       Quit worrying.  A good friend of mine, who is also in the wedding industry, once said to me “your biggest competition is yourself.”  Seriously, this was a huge light bulb moment for me in 2011.  I had been pinning over other photographers, how they are “better” or how I will never get to “do something there”, how they have better equipment, more flexibility.  Blah, blah, blah poor me. After my friend said this to me, I knew that a.) I was annoying her with this and b.) it’s just not healthy.   You know the crazy mirrors you see at Funhouses (or really just episodes of Scooby Doo)?  That is how I was looking at my work.  My friend’s comment was just the kick in the pants I needed and I have been working cut out the crap since.  So thanks, you know who you are 😉

10.   New headshots.  Yeah, not a fan of being on the other side of the camera, but a necessity.    Oh and new family photos, because our last ones were taken when the kids were 9 months old.

So, take that 2012 . Let’s see how you roll.


Married: Jill + Billy- Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

*  Billy + Jill met in homeroom fourteen years ago.  Homeroom people!  How long has it been since you said that word?

*  I have worked with Billy for close to nine years… Day job that is.  It was an honor to watch their relationship come to this day.  From the engagement to the planning to coming down the aisle.

*  Billy was the first person to haze me at work and it lasted about two weeks.  I won’t go into detail as it is too embarrassing.

*  Jill is probably THE coolest and calmest bride I have ever dealt with.  Her smile radiated the entire day, making my day job super easy.

*  Some similarities between this wedding and Julie + Brian’s: same color bridesmaid dresses, Brian’s mom wore the same dress as Jill’s mom and they even shared a limo driver.  And no, none of them have met in real life.

*  Jill + Billy had their first dance in the same place where Eric + I had our first dance at our wedding nearly four years ago.

*  This was the largest bridal party of mine to date.  20 people.  Twenty. PLUS 10 kids (last time I counted).

*  Jill’s uncle officiated the ceremony.

*  The day was filled with family, love and people’s names who started with the letter K.  I seriously couldn’t track.  For realsies though, these two have an army of love and support behind them.




To see more photos from this special day, be sure to vist my Facebook Fan Page!


The Players:

Ceremony + Reception:  Sun Valley Party Center

Florist: Blooms

DJ: Bob from My Life Media

Limo Bus:  All Occasion Limo

Second Shooter: Eric Reed (he’s good to have around)


collective awwww – northeast ohio child photographer

Taking a break from editing to bring you the cuteness of my children.




Caitlyn’s mom got in touch with me a la Owen’s mom and James’ mom, so I knew this was going to be a great session!  Caitlyn turned one and wanted to celebrate with with her very own photo shoot.  She brought along big sisters Emily + Brooke for some sister shots first!


The Mini-Monsters

Earlier this month, I hosted a mini-marathon session for some familiar faces (and paws) along with a new face.  It was a crisp, fall day and the kids were dressed in their costumes or fall apparel for this fun session!  If you would like to be added to our mailing list so you can receive exclusive session invites and newsletters, send me an email at   More favorites from the day can also be found on my Facebook Fan Page.


No one ever said it was a kid-only Mini-Monster Session

A Diva and a Dude

My youngest client yet!  Due to make her outside appearance in February 2011!

My old friend, James, made a visit too!

And a new friend!

And finally, MY mini-monsters.  Yep, they are twins!


Happy Halloween!