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Engaged: Kendra + Jeff – Cleveland, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Whew!  Had to get this one posted because this couple is getting married TOMORROW!  Kendra + Jeff recently moved from Colorado and will definitely be incorporationg their love of winter sports in their wedding.   When Kendra asked for suggestions for her engagement location, I tried to find the most Colorado-esque location, minus the mountains and all.  Tomorrow is bound to be a great day with a TON of laughter that’s for sure!


Engaged: Casey + Chad – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Casey + Chad wanted a fun Downtown Cleveland session, so East 4th was the ideal location !  Although, we had some run-ins with the weather, it made for an interesting day!

We were lucky enough to be able to duck into a local bar and warm up with some coffee during the sporatic snow storm.


Engaged: Suzy + Tim – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Suzy + Tim wanted to try a little something different for their January engagement session.  Since both of them are pretty big movie buffs AND their first date was a movie, it would only be appropriate to spend some time in a local theatre.


Married: Josie + Danny- Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

When I originally met with Josie, her mom and future mother-in-law, she told me all she wanted out of her December wedding was to a.) get married and b.) for it to SNOW.  Immediately, I thought to myself, “Chardon + December?  It HAS to snow.”  For those of you who are not familiar with Northeast Ohio, Chardon is known as the center of the snow belt.  Simply meaning…they get A LOT of snow.  However, we have had a crazy winter weather-wise and the week of the wedding, it was averaging about fifty degrees and no snow in the forecast.  Until the morning of the wedding, when Ohio got its first real snow fall of the season.  Needless to say, Josie had both wishes come true on her Winter Wonderland wedding day!

After the ceremony, we headed over to Punderson State Park.

 Afterwards, we headed over to Chardon Square to meet up with a fire truck!

I am such a sucker for father/daughter dances.

I really love when a guest’s flash makes my photo POP!

Things got a little crazy with the garter toss.

Thank you for a delightful end to the season!

Ceremony: St. Mary Church, Chardon, Ohio

Reception:  Quail Hollow Resort (True Story… I started and ended my wedding season here.)

Florist: Patti Murtz

DJ: Jesse Webb Entertainment

Cake Artist:  The bride’s father made the cake.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever heard?

Limo: Northern Lights Limousine


Married: Michelle + Thom- Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

I know I typically start blog posts saying how awesome the wedding couple is, how excited I am, etc.. ALL TRUE,  but, Michelle and I go way back.  Way back to a mysterious Physics class in high school.  I say mysterious, because I am pretty sure the only thing that came out of that class was our new friendship.  This girl is probably THE sweetest and kindest person I have ever met, along with her family.  I was so very excited to get an email from Michelle shortly after Thom proposed, I almost cried.  Being able to capture the biggest day in an old friend’s life, is such an honor.  Michelle + Thom’s wedding day was filled with love, giggles and great family… Please enjoy the journey.

Then it was showtime with her proud mom and sister by Michelle’s side.

Bob.  That’s right, he is his own sentence.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Coe Lake in Berea and dodged all the other bridal parties.   One of which, had a bride so drunk she couldn’t walk.  Don’t (over) drink and wed people.

We then headed over to Michelle’s alma matter, Baldwin Wallace, where we took advantage of the beautiful campus in Fall.

Michelle and Bob had their father/daughter dance to the SWEETEST song (Red Robin by Clark Richard)!

 Yeah, I cannot get enough Betty and Bob…

And Michelle + Thom 🙂

So much so, I even stepped in front of the camera… So glad I did.  Perhaps I will put this one next to our graduation photo.

Ceremony: St. Mary’s Church, Berea

Reception: Michaud’s Towne N’ Country

Florist: Roses 9.99 and More, Strongsville, Ohio

DJ: American Entertainment

Cake Artist:  About the Cake

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Limo: Safe and Reliable Limo

Special thanks to Tiffany Luc for her ninja-like assisting…Had a blast as always!


Engaged: Lindsay + Bobby – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Lindsay found me through Julie + Brian, so I knew we would be a great match!  Lindsay + Bobby were the last session of my marathon Sunday and we ended up in the Coe Lake area in Berea, Ohio.


Engaged: Brittany + Mike – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Brittany’s inquiry came over my email and in what seemed like big, flashing lights, I saw her date of August 11, 2012.   I knew it was meant to be because that is MY wedding anniversary.  So what is a better way to celebrate?  Hang out with another couple and eat cake.  Brittany is originally from the area, so we were able to meet up for their engagement session in Olmsted Falls on that very hot marathon Sunday in October.