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Engaged: Kendra + Jeff – Cleveland, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Whew!  Had to get this one posted because this couple is getting married TOMORROW!  Kendra + Jeff recently moved from Colorado and will definitely be incorporationg their love of winter sports in their wedding.   When Kendra asked for suggestions for her engagement location, I tried to find the most Colorado-esque location, minus the mountains and all.  Tomorrow is bound to be a great day with a TON of laughter that’s for sure!


Engaged: Casey + Chad – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Casey + Chad wanted a fun Downtown Cleveland session, so East 4th was the ideal location !  Although, we had some run-ins with the weather, it made for an interesting day!

We were lucky enough to be able to duck into a local bar and warm up with some coffee during the sporatic snow storm.


Engaged: Suzy + Tim – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Suzy + Tim wanted to try a little something different for their January engagement session.  Since both of them are pretty big movie buffs AND their first date was a movie, it would only be appropriate to spend some time in a local theatre.


Engaged: Lindsay + Bobby – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Lindsay found me through Julie + Brian, so I knew we would be a great match!  Lindsay + Bobby were the last session of my marathon Sunday and we ended up in the Coe Lake area in Berea, Ohio.


Engaged: Brittany + Mike – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Brittany’s inquiry came over my email and in what seemed like big, flashing lights, I saw her date of August 11, 2012.   I knew it was meant to be because that is MY wedding anniversary.  So what is a better way to celebrate?  Hang out with another couple and eat cake.  Brittany is originally from the area, so we were able to meet up for their engagement session in Olmsted Falls on that very hot marathon Sunday in October.


Engaged: Kristen + Brad – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Kristen + Brad come from good people.  See, Brad is Brian’s brother.  I love when ex-groomsmen become grooms and bring their bridal party with them.    And Kristen?  She is just amazing.   I am highly excited for their June 2012 wedding…. Like can’t sleep excited.  Ok, I CAN sleep, but totally pumped nonetheless.

True story…Here is where Kristen + Brad got engaged.

More favorites can be found on my Facebook page.  Kristen + Brad (and assorted Ice-ers)  see you in June!


Engaged: Nicky + Brian – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

Nicky found me earlier this Spring through a mutual friend and was eager to set up her engagement session!  However, we had to postpone the session for a bit while Brian healed from an accident…. Well, I definitely think this Geneva-on-the-Lake session was worth the wait!  Cannot wait to see what Nicky + Brain’s  wedding day brings in September!

At this point, we were all trying to get ourselves into the water.  It was one of the hawtest days of the year!

Brian was so excited that he set up this shot!  I think it’s one of my favorites of all time!

I could go on and on with posting my favorites, but you can check out more over on Facebook!