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A Different Hat- Northeast Ohio Child Photographer

Remember Owen with the poofy hat and his pup, Patches?   Well, he’s back and my goodness, he is nearly a teenager.   I am kidding, just seven months.  Owen is looking good and ready to show off his summer wardrobe!!  However, I arrived to this face…

Which I like to call, “Camera lady, you crazy.   Get that thing out of my face.  Or else. ”  His parents called it his Grumpy Old Man Face.

Then, Owen kind of warmed up to me.   Just kind of.

And seriously, the last shot of the day.  Seriously.

“I have won, Camera Lady!”

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Introducing Luca!- Cleveland Ohio Newborn Photographer

Wow!  It really has been a baby explosion around here!!  Well, no worries, here comes the next installment of baby cuteness.  Luca’s mom was telling me how she takes hundreds of photos of her newborn, and I cannot say I blame her.  Not to be outdone, big brother, Bruno, had to make an appearance as well.

I found this when I arrived.. Slacker.

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In a flash….Sophia is Three Months Old! -Northeast Ohio Child Photographer

No pun intended…  It’s always a big deal when the little ones make their debut on this blog, but there is always a WOOT WOOT when they come back for more!  I had a great time with an early Saturday morning with Sophia last week….and those cheeks!

The first outfit Sophia wore was her mommy’s.

And finally,  my new favorite image

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Abby – Northeast Ohio Newborn Photographer

Some of you may remember Miss Abby’s family from when we braved the harsh Northeast Ohio January weather last year for a family portrait.  Well now, it is Abby’s turn to shine!  I love to snuggle on these little ones.


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**Notes about newborn sessions.  If you want the cuddly, sleepy baby shots- best to get your session scheduled within two weeks of birth.  After that, it is anyone’s game.   Call or email me ( when you are getting close to your due date to plan ahead.  It will be the last time you say the words “plan ahead” without laughing.  **