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Spring Happenings – Northeast Ohio Photographer

They keep telling me it is Spring.  My current attire of sweatpants, heavy socks and a sweatshirt tells me otherwise.   Ah, Ohio.   Most of you know (and feel) what I am saying.   At this point, there is definitely an end in sight, as the grass is getting a bit greener, baby pools are showing up at Target and the Easter Bunny is about to get off his lazy bum and make a visit this weekend.  Next thing you know, we will be knee deep in wedding season and fun, outdoor sessions!

In the past few weeks, I have been keeping the photography side of my life quite busy. 

First of all, in late March, I had the opportunity to attend a conference for the Akron Photo Series featuring Jasmine Star.  For those non-photographer geeks, she is kind of a big deal in our world.  It was so invigorating to listen to Jasmine speak at the end of a ho-hum winter; despite the fact my son decided 3:30 am was an appropriate wake up time earlier that day.  You can see the insane exhaustion below.

Listening to Jasmine speak aside, I had the opportunity to be the in the same room as so many great photographers.  I kind of felt like a freshman on the first day of high school, then, creeped myself out because I knew who all these other photographers were and they didn’t know me.   Next step, hair doll.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to be a part of an Opening Day event.  For those that don’t live in Northeast Ohio, the Opening Day of baseball around here is like a national holiday.  People skip out of work and the streets of Downtown Cleveland fill with the smell of hot dogs and hope of a winning season.   


The following weekend, I headed to the Big Red Wagon Sale, where I had a booth exhibiting my work while watching bargain-crazed moms stock up for the upcoming summer.

Then, I had my wisdom teeth out.  Yeehaw.   Luckily there are no photographs to document that experience.  However, you know you have toddlers when your hallucination while under anesthesia entails Sid the Science Kid performing your surgery.

So that brings us up to speed.  This weekend is my last non-photography weekend for quite some time, but I am stoked to be starting some new adventures.  Be back soon with some new babies and brides!  Until then, we will just keep hoping for Spring to show up.


Help Wanted!

As summer approaches, I am in the market for a super part-time second shooter/assistant for upcoming weddings. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the industry, please take a look at the following requirements:

• Must provide own equipment (bodies, lenses, flash, etc.)

• Must be willing to work Fridays or Saturdays (including evenings)

• Must be willing to travel either east or west side of Cleveland

• Must understand my need for cake and/or Chipotle and embrace that need

If interested, please email me at  with a link to your online portfolio and inquiry.



The start of the Spring season started with an excellent at-home session with Lane and her parents.  On the cusp of celebrating her very FIRST birthday, Lane, was the perfect model.  Luckily for me, I am fluent in Hot Dog Dances and all things toddler.

Sitting in her daddy’s chair from his childhood!

This next one is my favorite from the day…. Although, how could one choose?

Up Next…Mom & Dad.. Lane is a lucky girl to have these two!

You can check out some more favorites over on my Facebook Fan Page…..  Are you a fan?

Thank you Lane, Jen and Adam for a great session!  Cannot wait until July!